Shawn Miller (Dandy Lions)

Shawn Miller started in the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut during 2004 as “Shawn the Intern.” He wrote his senior capstone project at Clark University in Worcester on the Imperial Court. While at Clark, Shawn raised funds for organizations such as the Boston Living Center.

After attending many events, he joined the Court in 2007; at which time Shawn, the intern soon became Lady Dandy Lions.

Shawn diligently introduced himself and Dandy to many of the members of the Imperial Court on the circuit while traveling to local sister courts for events. As well as working in many of the local shows, she made connections to individuals at other charitable organizations. Shawn used his drag persona, Dandy to support many of these charities, attending events for New Haven Pride Center, Mid Fairfield AIDS Project, True Colors, and The Jim Collins Foundation.

Shawn has used drag as a fundraising tool for organizations outside the court, as well, including the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen and the Sassie Saltimboca Memorial Scholarship Fund through the New England Ballet Company. She has hosted a well-received annual dinner for Dining Out for Life for AIDS Project New Haven, and with TCC for various fundraisers and events that they offered.

Dandy Lions was elected empress of the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut in 2015, and with her emperor, Dustin D. Cobwebs, broke fundraising records for the organization that year. Dandy already had her plan set with innovative concepts for events, before being crowned. She shared with the board and membership new ideas to bring the Court into the community in a different perspective. Dandy’s reign with Dustin was an inclusive reign, featuring shows that brought in community members, and featured outreach that included other organizations such as Triangle Community Center, Mr. CT Bear and Mr. CT Leather.

With more than a decade under his belt working in the community, Shawn tirelessly continues to contribute regularly and has earned the respect of many for the consistent efforts to make a difference all while having fun.