Robin Banks

The Elm City has much to boast about: an Ivy League University, the invention of the hamburger, the longest elected mayor, and now its latest impresario – the talented Ms. Robin Banks – and you can bet that time spent with her is anything but a drag.


Robin is the brain child of a child trained thespian and entrepreneur Shawn Bodey. Shawn claims that Robin was conceived from a delirious one night stand between a Carnival Barker and a Lucille Ball impersonator. Robin’s personality was larger than life for her theater camp in Arizona – she knew the east coast beckoned. Since her arrival here, Ms. Banks has strategically become the highest profile female impersonator in the New Haven area due in part to her affiliations with local businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the Constitution State.


As the hostess of New Haven’s #1 rated drag show, “The All New Robin Banks Show”, she consistently brings a new sense of excitement, awareness and humor to such worthwhile organizations as the New Haven Pride Center and the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen. Mr. Bodey’s entrepreneurial acumen was fashioned from performances in Hollywood, New York City and Guam. His business background, Toastmasters training and involvement with the Imperial Sovereign Court of all Connecticut avail him the opportunity to take this role seriously and develop the market niche as an advocate and commercial sponsor to local businesses.


For further information on her hilarious hi-jinx in high heels check out her calendar of events on Facebook.