Rising Star: Roslyn Sotero

Roslyn Cecilia Sotero (she/her/hers) is a bisexual, Boricua community educator and organizer based in the city of Waterbury. She believes in the power of collective healing through education and relationship building as primary strategies for achieving equity and, ultimately, liberation for historically oppressed communities. For the past five years, Roslyn has prioritized liberation work with Brown and Black communities across New England on matters close to women of color, queerness, education equity, youth-led activism and Boricua history & independence.

Roslyn began her career while completing her undergrad education at the University of Connecticut’s Waterbury campus, developing and, eventually directing, the LACE Youth Leadership Program – a state-funded, identity-affirming after school program that catered to the holistic development of Puerto Rican youth. She now serves as the Community Educator & Organizer for the Queer Unity Empowerment Support Team (QUEST), a community advocacy collaborative funded by the Connecticut Community Foundation. Established in 2015, her work at QUEST focuses on creating healthy, equitable and safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community in the Greater Waterbury area. In less than a year, Roslyn has spearheaded QUEST’s action plan to provide trainings and workshops to the public and its institutions, facilitate joyful and healing spaces via public events and community-led projects, act as a community liaison between community members and positive and affirming service providers in the youth development, medical and mental health fields, and advocate for the socio-political needs of LGBTQIA+ folks identified by the queer community itself.

Roslyn is also an active blogger for My Reflection Matters, writing on best practices for bringing conversations of race, gender and sexuality into the classroom. She heads the Waterbury Chapter for CT CORE, a black-centered, POC-led anti-racist state-wide organization. She is also an artist. Her paintings highlighting the beauty, divinity and diversity of human sexuality, specifically for femme-identified bodies. She spends her free time twerking in any and all public spaces, laughing obnoxiously with loved ones as a form of healing, and irresponsibly running up her TJMaxx bill with decorations for her new apartment!