Kenn Hopkins & Sassie Saltimboca

Drew Mancuso, also known as Sassie Saltimboca, and Kenn Hopkins were partners in life and love. Unfortunately, Sassie lost her battle with cancer on August 17, 2015, a day after the two had made plans to marry.

As a drag performer, Sassie knew how to rock a bejeweled headdress, heels and feathered boa. She was a true artist and was often described as a phoenix having overcome so many tragedies from hemophilia and contracting HIV through blood transfusions, experiencing a traumatic brain injury at age 10, and a serious car accident as a young adult resulting in a leg amputation. She chose to be transparent on social media in order to raise awareness for those battling cancer.

Kenn is the Executive Director/Founder of New England Ballet Company. Sassie was also a key figure with the New England Ballet Company serving in various roles as a trustee, collaborator, makeup artist and hairstylist. Both Kenn and Sassie have been tremendously generous with their time and resources for the many organizations where they devoted their attention. The New England Ballet Company created the Sassie Saltimboca Memorial Fund to raise funds for dance scholarships.