Betty Gallo

Betty Gallo has lobbied the Connecticut General Assembly for 36 years. She has headed her

own government relations and lobbying firm since 1981. The firm represented 32 clients during

the 2013 General Assembly session including ACLU, Legal Assistance Resource Center of

Connecticut, American School for the Deaf, Partnership for Strong Communities, Connecticut

Against Gun Violence, , and Voices for Children. In addition, she designed and for the past

32 years organized the Connecticut Lobbying Conference, a full day conference that trains

lobbyists. This conference has provided training for over 2,500 lobbyists in Connecticut.

Betty has successfully lobbied for many issues of importance to the GLBT community including

an expansion of Connecticut’s hate crime law to include sexual orientation; the Gay Rights

bill which passed in 1991; the law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in

our schools; and passage of same sex adoption in 2000, civil unions in 2005 and marriage for

same sex couples in 2009. In addition, Betty lobbied for the expansion of our hate crimes bill to

include gender identity and expression; a law allowing people to change their sex on their birth

certificates in CT and a process to comply other states to change their birth certificates; and, the

successful passage of the Transgender Civil Rights bill in 2011. Betty started working on HIV/

AIDS issues in the early 90s and Betty Gallo & Co. still represents CT AIDS Life Campaign and

the CT AIDS Resource Center.