Anne Beon

I grew up involved in the average pursuits of every other boy in the blue collar suburbs of New haven. After High school I went to work and married, had a son and went to college for engineering, then later television production. I
spent many years as a theater technician in Connecticut and New York and many more as a “roadie” or house tech. In 2007 I was injured in an explosion that left me burned over 35 percent of my body. It was in those long months of healing that I came to the decision that life was to important to waste hiding behind a mask.

In March of 2008 I started my transition like most of us I knew from about age 5. I also knew my life depended on my ability to hide it from everyone. It was later that year that I joined The CT Outreach Society, a support group for those with gender issues. I later became the outreach director, a position that allowed me to promote a better understanding of what it is to be trans to main stream society. In 2010 I had the opportunity to go to Washington DC with Mara Kisling and Gunner Scott and others to lobby in Congress for the passage of ENDA. As Outreach Director I answered calls for help from trans people in difficulty’s in Ct and surrounding states. On a few occasions I traveled to other states alone or with friends to remove trans people from physical danger and relocate them to CT where they would be safe.

Since joining the trans community I recognized the issue of homelessness that existed and still exists. I started taking in homeless trans girls, some for a few years. This I did until losing my own home a few years ago. In November of 2009 I underwent GCS (gender surgery); six months later while setting up and filming the trans pride event in Northhampton, Mass., I suffered a heart attack. After my recovery I was invited to join Center Stage Productions of Westport.

I was also lecturing for the Stonewall Speakers board as well. I traveled through out the state speaking in schools university’s and churches on acceptance and bullying. It was during one of these talks that I met Beth Bye, then a state representative in West Hartford. We discussed the anti­discrimination bill that covered transgenders that was sitting in the judiciary committee on which she served.I became the lead off witness before the hearings, answering questions from members. At this time I was appearing on stage at the Westport Country Playhouse in the Vagina Monologues, Raising funds for Women’s shelters in Connecticut. I traded my lead role in the act we were doing in exchange for writing and performing a “public information” address about the pending legislation during the play, before a very influential audience. I knew if the bill could reach the Governor’s desk it was as well as signed. I had met him a few times. He attended the Hartford Pride one year as my guest which showed his support for the GLBT community.

I never considered myself an actor, but over the past few years since transitioning I Hosted a cable access variety show in New Haven that show cased GLBT performers. I’ve appeared in 2 independent films and had a small part in a gen released film, and a few other efforts on stage in Westport. In the last few years I have been renewing efforts to open a group home for homeless trans people who are ill served by existing organizations as well as volunteering and supporting groups and events both in Connecticut and the surrounding states.